Social Share and Social Links

Use Social Media Icons to Grow Your Audience and Customize the Way Your Project Looks When Shared Anywhere

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Social Share and Social Links are two elements you can use to have users interact with social media.

Social Share

Add social icons to allow your audience to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Linkedin.

Social Links

Use this element to place links to your social network profiles.

Update the Social Media Preview

You can customize how your project is previewed when the link is shared by you or through the social icons by your users.

To change the title, description text or preview image, go to the "Social Media Sharing" section in your project settings.

I Updated the Settings, but the Preview Is Still the Old One When I Share the Project

Most social platforms cache these details after the first share and won't update them automatically. You can paste the link in their debug tools to force them to update it:

Let Participants Share Their Own Outcome Result

The "Social Share" element can be used to share a specific outcome on social media from the outcome screens.

Important: The project must be of either Answer-based type or Score-based type and the Social share element must be placed on the outcome page.

See more about Multiple Outcomes projects here.

  • Place a "Social Share" element on your outcome screen.

  • Select the element and choose "Settings".

  • Enter title, description and upload an image for this specific outcome.

When participants share their outcome using the social share element, the text and image that were specified for this outcome page will appear in their social stream.

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