Password Protected Projects
Restrict access to your projects by requiring a password.
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Set up a Password for your Projects to Restrict Participant Access.

On the Professional Plan and above, you can set up a project password on the Project Configuration page, under the Access section.

Simply enable the "Password protection" checkbox. A random password will be generated which you can share and use, or you can enter your own password instead. Click "Update settings" to save the changes.

Only participants with access to the password will be able to load the project afterwards.

If you want to remove the password protection later on, simply untick the checkbox and update the settings.

Please note:

  • If a participant enters the password once, it will not be required again when reloading the same project. This is limited to the user's browser.

  • Only one password can be configured at a time. You can not set up separate passwords for each participant.

  • If you change the password, the old password(s) become invalid.

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