You can reflect page progress for your users in the project and make it easier to navigate with two simple options.

Page Progress

When active, this shows a progress bar at the top of your project. When hovering over the bar it also displays the page numbers. If the option "Page Navigation" is also turned on, it will show the page numbers in the bottom right between the page navigation arrows.

Page Navigation

When active, this adds two buttons at the bottom right of your project to navigate to the previous or next page (if possible). 

How to deactivate / activate

You can find these options in the editor below all content elements.

Change the style for these elements

Currently, you cannot change the size or any other style of the page navigation. However, you can change the color of the progress bar from the project design with: "highlight color".

Logic jumps & page navigation / page progress

If your project is based on logic jumps, we recommend to turn off both options. The jumps would have larger progress transitions and you probably do not want the user to know how many pages the whole project has, since they will most likely not see all of them.

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