Page Transition Speed

Change the Speed at Which Pages Transition From One to Another

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Choose between the three speeds available for the page transition in your project.

Whenever you have multiple elements per page, or even a different design per page, content (such as images) needs to be loaded before it can be displayed. For this reason, has a transition animation in order to ensure a smooth change between pages.

The page transition speed feature can be found inside the editor. Just click the brush icon that is located next to the "Content Elements" tab.

This will open the "General Project Design" which is where you can find the option to change the page transition speed.

You can then set the speed to either Slow, Medium or Fast, depending on your preference and how you want to customize the project.

Note: The transition speed applies to the entirety of the project, it is not possible to set a different speed for a specific page(s).

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