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Warning message when saving: "Some pages have no link to the next page"
Warning message when saving: "Some pages have no link to the next page"
Learn how to fix this issue when publishing your project
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You have set up your project and you are ready to publish.
After clicking SAVE and PUBLISH you receive this warning message:

Some pages have no link to the next page

This message pops up when detects pages that offer no option to continue the user journey. When your participants can not finish, their data will not be recorded, so it is important to fix this issue.

How to fix this issue

The easy fix would be to add a "Button" element to all affected pages.
The "Button" by default links to the next page.

As an alternative you can also configure your question elements to continue to the next page on click. Select your element ("Multiple Choice" or "Image Choice"), go to "Settings" and check "Answer continues to next page". This setting can only be enabled if there is only one question element present on the page and will be disabled if you add another question element to the page.
In that case simply add a "Button" element that lets the participant continue to the next page.

The third option is to activate the page navigation for your project. This adds two navigation button on the bottom right side of your project.

Do you see this warning even though all pages are linked?
Open the project in the editor and click the big turquoise SAVE or PUBLISH button. By doing this your pages are reevaluated and the warning should go away.

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