To access the Domain settings of your project, navigate to the settings of your project and select "Manage Domains", or go to "Manage Domains" from the main menu.

From the Manage Domains screen, use the menu on the right-hand side to access more options:

For more info about connecting your own domain name see the article Custom domains

Change Subdomain

Lets you navigate between your organizations and domains.

Create Meta tags that will show in the <head> section of the HTML of your projects which are using this domain. With meta tags you can verify domain ownership for various services eg. Facebook pixel.

Domain Settings (incl. Favicon)

Define a default project and a redirection in case someone tries to access a project that does not exist.

In the example below the project "Your Project" is used for both the Start Project and the Error Project. If someone is trying to access the URL of your organization without specifying a project or if the project does not exist in the organization, "Your Project" will be displayed to your user.


A favicon can be uploaded to display your own logo in browser tabs (Available with Professional plan or higher). See more about how to change the favicon: here

If you have any questions, please contact support

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