Using Markdown (Advanced)

With Markdown You Can Format Single Words or Text and Insert Links Within Question, Description and Help Texts, Headlines and Sub-Headlines.

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Some text fields in the editor support limited markdown formatting.

Supported fields are indicated by the "Markdown available" hint at the bottom of the input field when you activate it.

All supported markdown formatting options and their syntaxes can be found here:


**bold text**


__italicized text__


  • A text section can be made bold by tagging the beginning and end of the section with **

    • for example: **this text is bold** becomes this text is bold

  • A text section can be italicized by tagging the beginning and end of the section with __ (double underscore)

    • for example: __this text is italic__ becomes this text is italic

  • A combination of the above tags can be used to create bold and italicized text. The order of the modifier symbols does not matter.

    • for example: __**this text is bold and italic**__ becomes this text is bold and italic

  • A link can be inserted by using the [] and () symbols. The [] tag sets the title, and the () tag defines the URL. If [] is left empty, the full URL will be displayed as the title.

    For example: [ homepage]( becomes homepage.

    • Please always define the protocol of the URL:

      • https:// to open a website in a new tab

      • mailto: to open an email address in a mail client

      • tel: to open a phone number in a dialer

    • If a link to a website is not defined by the https:// protocol, the link will be appended to the URL of the project and will not function as intended.

More formatting features will be available soon.

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