Some text fields in the editor support limited markdown formatting.

Supported fields are indicated by the "Markdown available" hint at the bottom of the input field when you activate it.

  • A text section can be made bold by tagging the beginning and end of the section with **

    • for example: **this text is bold** becomes this text is bold

  • A text section can be italicized by tagging the beginning and end of the section with __ (double underscore)

    • for example: __this text is italic__ becomes this text is italic

  • A combination of the above tags can be used to create bold and italicized text. The order of the modifier symbols does not matter.

    • for example: __**this text is bold and italic**__ becomes this text is bold and italic

  • A link can be inserted by using the []() symbols. The [] tag sets the title, and the () tag defines the URL. If [] is left empty, the full URL will be displayed as the title.

    • for example: [ homepage]( becomes homepage.

    • Please always define the protocol of the URL:

      • https:// to open a website in a new tab

      • mailto: to open an email address in a mail client

      • tel: to open a phone number in a dialer

    • If a link to a website is not defined by the https:// protocol, the link will be appended to the URL of the project and will not function as intended.

All supported markdown formatting options and their syntaxes can be found here:


**bold text**


__italicized text__



More formatting features will be available soon.

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