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Share Projects as Templates With Other Accounts
Share Projects as Templates With Other Accounts
Copy projects as templates between accounts
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Do you need to send an project to another account or just use it as a template? You created a project in the wrong organization by mistake?

Simply share your project as a template with another user in a few clicks:

  1. Open your Project Settings by clicking the dropdown arrow on your project card and selecting "Configure":

  2. Scroll down to the "Access" section and activate the "Share as a template with another account" option:

    Feature location on the settings page

  3. Click on the "Update settings" button, then copy the share link with the button next to the text field:

    Copying the generated URL

  4. Share the link with the other user and open it in their account.
    The other user needs to be logged in to a different account when they open the share link. A draft (unpublished) duplicate of the shared project will appear in their workspace.

Need to change more settings? You might find our Settings Overview article useful.

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