Changing Subscription Plans

How to Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel Your Subscription

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Upgrade Plan

Simply follow these steps to change your plan:

  1. Log in to your account, and from the dashboard and click on your Name & Account. From the dropdown menu select "Plans & Billing".

  2. When on the Plans & Billing page, click on the "Change plan" button. This will show you an overview of all paid plans, and there you can select which one you'd like to upgrade to.

    • If you need to update your personal / your company's information or credit card, go to the "Update your payment details" page instead. You get to this page by clicking "Change payment details" rather than "Change plan".

  3. Review your new plan price. Once done, click the "Upgrade to (plan name)" button and the new monthly or yearly plan you've subscribed to will take effect instantly. You will only pay the days remaining in the current billing cycle of your new plan and will be credited the unused days of your old plan.

Downgrade Plan

You can downgrade from a paid plan to an inferior plan anytime you want. The plan change will activate after your current billing cycle is over.

You will need to contact the support team if you want to downgrade your plan.

Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at anytime and return to the free plan.

The benefits of your previous plan will stay in place until your subscription period ends. To cancel you'll need to go to the Plans & Billing page, click the "Cancel subscription" button and follow the steps on the next screen.

⚠️ Important: Make sure to take the cancellation survey all the way to the end, as the cancellation is only processed once the survey has been completed.

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