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How to Add Your Payment and Billing Details for a Plan Upgrade/Purchase

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To complete a monthly/yearly plan upgrade and subscription purchase, you will need to fill out certain personal / corporate information, as shown below.

⚠️ Name, Address, Email, and Credit Card information are mandatory.

Company Name, VAT ID, Phone, and Coupon Code are optional.

If you specify company details including VAT, you might be eligible for a tax waiver if you fulfill additional criteria. VAT IDs are validated automatically in real-time and marked with red if non-existent or false. 

Depending on the information you've filled out, the monthly price will be calculated in real-time and shown above the Subscribe button.

You can find our Payment Terms here, if you wish to read up additional information before proceeding with the upgrade. You will need to accept these terms in order to progress.

After subscribing to a plan, you'll see your current plan on this page and will also be able to cancel or upgrade anytime.

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