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Troubleshooting Payment Errors

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Troubleshooting Subscription Payment Errors

Sometimes there may be errors that occur when processing a subscription payment. There are three common errors that you may encounter: authentication failed, insufficient funds, and the card being declined.

Authentication Failed

If you encounter an authentication failed error, make sure that the popup window generated by your bank has successfully loaded. If the popup window does not appear, try the payment again in your browser's incognito mode.

Insufficient Funds

If you receive an insufficient funds error, make sure your account balance is sufficient. If it is and you still receive this error, please contact your bank.

Card Declined

If your card is declined, it could be because your card does not support online payments, or that your bank has not enabled them. Please contact your bank to resolve the issue.

Other Errors

It is possible that you receive a different error message, or that no error message appears at all. In this case, please try the payment again in your browser's incognito mode.

If you receive an error message not covered here, please refer to our payment processor's error code list for further details.

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