Make sure to check out this article first in order to learn how Sendinblue integrations are set up and mapped to your custom fields.

In order for Sendinblue to create deals, you'll need to enable the option via Sendinblue's integration settings - to access this screen, simply go to your project's integrations and click the button "Manage Custom Fields" on Sendinblue.

All you need to do then is tick the box "Create deal in Sales CRM" on your integration settings screen. This will make it so that a new deal is created every time a new submission is generated.

You will also have the following options when setting up Sales CRM deals in

  • Stage - Here you can select in which stage the deals will be created.

  • Deal name - Adds a title that is prefixed with the participant's name.

  • Deal amount - You can add your own value, or you can leave this field empty if you want to use a calculator result instead.

Once you've set up the integration and the deal settings to your liking, you're all set.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact support.

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