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Free Account Deleted Due to Inactivity
Free Account Deleted Due to Inactivity

Find Out How This Process Works and How You Can Avoid Having Your Account Automatically Deleted

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Are you trying to login to an account you used to have with, but you can't seem to login or reset your password? Perhaps this account had some projects that you would like to use now, but it has been a while since your last log in.

It might be that your account was deleted due to inactivity - continue reading below to find out if this might be the case and what can be done about your current situation.

Under Which Circumstances Does the Deletion Occur?

Deleting our users accounts is not something we take lightly, so we always make sure that the following conditions must first be met before our system can schedule an account for deletion:

  • It has been more than 210 days since the account was logged into.

  • The account has always been on the free plan.

  • There have been no visits to any of your projects in the last 90 days.

If you had a paid plan at any point in one of your organizations, then you can rest assured as we will not delete your account or schedule it for such.

Will I Be Notified Before the Deletion Takes Place?

Yes, you will be notified via email that your account is due to be deleted, this email will be sent 30 days prior to the account deletion. When you receive this email, we highly recommend you login back into your account and follow the below steps, if you wish to stop it from being deleted.

My Account Has Been Scheduled for Deletion. What Now?

If your account has been scheduled for deletion, you will see a warning message informing you about it on your dashboard as soon as you login.

You will also receive a notification email informing you about the deletion, as mentioned in the point above.

If you don't want to keep your account, you can just leave it as it is and our system will make sure to automatically delete it in the timeframe that is stated in the message.

If you wish to keep your account however, then you'll need to click "Keep Account", followed by clicking the "Keep Account" button in the Profile page.

Once you click the button, you'll be able to see the exact date of deletion. You'll just need to click "Keep Account" once more and you will be good to go.

Once you're done, you'll get a new message confirming that your account will not be deleted.

Can I Recover My Account Once It Has Been Deleted?

Unfortunately deleted accounts and any associated projects/data cannot be restored/recovered. Deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. This principle also applies to when you manually delete your account.

For more information, please contact the support team.

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