Navigate to your desired Workspace in the dashboard and click on the New Project button.

You can also create a new project by duplicating a Draft, Completed or Archived project. To do this, go to the Projects Overview page, scroll to the project you want to duplicate, click on the dropdown on the right and select Duplicate. 

You can also add a new project by navigating to the templates screen and choosing one of our pre-designed templates.

This will load the Editor and you can name your project.

Select if you want to create a simple project or have multiple outcomes. This can be changed later on. See the article: How to change project type

Multiple Outcomes
A simple project assigns a score to each correct answer and everything is saved when the participant clicks through to the Thank You screen.

If you select "Multiple Outcomes" you can map each answer to an outcome. This is used in all our personality test templates.
You can create a number of outcome screens in the Editor and name them accordingly.

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