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Identify Users With the Remote ID Property Automatically
Identify Users With the Remote ID Property Automatically

Use This URL Parameter to Save Its Value to Your Submission Data

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When directing users to your projects, you might want to identify them without making them fill up fields for personal data.

This feature is especially useful if you already have the user's details, for example if you send out a survey link to a newsletter list or if you have an embed or link behind a user login area on your website or in your app.

Remote ID for Your Project URLs

To have this property saved to your submissions, simply add it to your project URLs like this:

It starts with a question mark (?), followed by the term "remote_id", followed by an equal sign (=) and then the value you want to have saved.

Remote ID for Your Embed Codes

If you are using an embed code to display the project you need to add this to the <div> your embed code: 


Here's an example of how it will look like, when you add the data-params to an embed code:

<div class="involveme_embed" data-project="your_project" data-params="remote_id=your_id"></div>
<script src=""></script>

A submission created with a remote ID will show in your submission analytics and will be included in your data exports, webhooks or integrations.

You can also save your user's email address as a remote ID if you do not have any other identification.

Make sure that you do not use special characters or spaces in your remote ID values, or urlencode them.

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