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Understanding How the Limitation of Live Projects Works and to Whom It Applies To

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This article will help you to better understand what this limit consists of, and if it is something that applies to you. Perhaps you already got a message informing you about it, just as you were about to publish a project.

Make sure to keep reading so that you can have your questions answered.

How Does the Live Project Limit Work?

Live projects are projects that you have already published. Once live, a project can be shared via its URL, QR code or embedded on your website.

The live project limit is based on the plan that you are currently subscribed to:

  • Free Plan: 3 live projects

  • Basic Plan: 5 live projects

  • Pro Plan: 15 live projects

  • Business Plan: 30 live projects

This limitation is at an organization level, meaning that organizations on the free plan will have the project limitation, while organizations on a paid plan won't.

If you require additional live projects beyond what the Business Plan includes, kindly contact our support team to discuss higher-tier plan alternatives.

What Should I Do if I Reach the Live Project Limit?

If you have reached the live project limit, you will become unable to publish any more projects. If you try to go ahead and attempt a publication anyway, you'll be prompted with the following message popup.

Like the message states, you will need to either upgrade to a paid plan in order to get unlimited projects, or deactivate one your projects in order to publish a new one.

Depending on your situation, you might have to end more than just one project, until you're left with only 2 live ones or less - only then can you proceed with publishing your next project, while staying on the free plan.

Going Back to the Free Plan

If you're currently on a paid plan and have more than 3 live projects but want to go back to the free plan, then it is advisable that you first select which 3 projects should be left published and manually end the rest.

Otherwise, the system will automatically deactivate all of your projects, except for the last 3 ones that you published.

If you need more projects to be published, consider upgrading to a higher subscription tier or reach out to our support team for more information.

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