A published project can be shared or embedded.

You can find the URL and the embed code on the Share screen, which is shown directly after publishing and can be accessed any time from the Project Overview.

You can just email the URL, send it to your contacts on Messenger, share it on Social media or use the embed code to put the project on your own website. 


WordPress (self-hosted)

involve.me will work with any theme of your choice. Most themes have a code or HTML content element to add the code. If there is no content builder available in your theme you can still change "Visual" to "Text" to add code.

Wordpress + Elementor content builder

Make sure to use the content element "HTML" and not the element "Custom HTML".

WordPress (hosted via wordpress .com)

Adding custom code on their shared blog platform is only allowed for WordPress.com Business Plans.


Use the Add More / "Embed a site" feature on Wix. From there, just enter the URL of your project (not the Share-HTML code) and it will show up on your Wix website.


You can embed an involve.me project on Weebly by adding an "Embed Code" element to your website and pasting in there the embed code from your project on involve.me.

Google Sites

Code on Google Sites is sandboxed within a container and does not allow embeds to change size, so please only use it with minimum heights, fixed heights or scrollbars.


Please add the embed code in the element "Code" (not "embed").
After you entered the code you will see the message "script disabled" in the website editor. Open the web page to see the embed, you will not see it in edit mode.

Other platforms

Just copy and paste the embed code to an element that allows HTML and you should be set.

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