Under some circumstances, a project cannot be displayed to your participants. Instead, your participant will get a message at the URL of the project. Those are the most common messages. For other errors, contact support or try different keywords in the support articles library.

Select a message:

"This project has been locked due to suspicious content
Please contact support."

Reason: Our automated system detected some unauthorized content in your project. Bear in mind that due to its nature this system also may trigger false-positive alerts. Please check out our content policy for more information about unauthorized content.

Solution: Contact our support from your account here. Specify the name of the project so that our agents can check its content. If the agent determines the content does not breach our content policy, the project will be unlocked as soon as possible.

"This content is currently unavailable"

Reason: You reached your monthly submission limit.

Solution: Upgrade your account here or wait for the monthly reset (Every first of each month).

"This content is not available in your geographical location"

Reason: The option to block users coming from within the EU is activated

Solution: Deactivate the option to block users coming from within the EU in the settings of your project.

"This content is not available anymore"

Reason: The project has been marked as completed or has reached its end date.

Solution: Remove or update the Link to the project. Note: A project marked as completed cannot be set back to Live. See more about project status here

"This project is using premium features"

Reason: A premium feature has been enabled on a Live project that has no access to this feature. (eg. This might happen after a plan was downgraded or if the template already included a premium feature as demo content).

Solution: Remove the premium feature or upgrade your account here

If you have any questions please contact support.

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