A participant is a user that completed your project after you successfully published it. Completing a project is done by clicking though all pages until the "Thank You" screen or one of the "Outcome" screens is reached. Only then the collected data is available to you.

When you reach your monthly limit, your projects will not be shown to the users any more. We send you a notification mail when you are close to your limit and once your reached it, so you can upgrade your plan if necessary. Your participant count is reset automatically on the first day of each month (12 a.m. UTC-0).

You can always see the current status of your overall account limit in the Projects Overview. 

By clicking the Increase limit button, you will be directed to the Billing page where you can upgrade your subscription to fit your current needs.

You can also see the number of participants for each Published, Completed or Archived project by navigating to the Projects Overview and filtering for the desired type.

Editing participants

You cannot edit your participants on involve.me, however you can download a report anytime and change details within your exported file.

Resetting the participant count or deleting participants

  • Participant test data generated while your project is in draft mode is automatically deleted when publishing it. 
  • The best way to remove all participants for a published project is to duplicate the project and start over with a copy.
  • To remove single participants, open your project's analytics and go to the "Detailed responses" tab. You'll find a trash icon next to each entry to remove it. Be aware that removing participants does not affect your monthly participant count.

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