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Create - Design and Customize Projects
Create - Design and Customize Projects

Design and Customize Projects

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Editor Content Elements OverviewElements You Can Place on Your Pages
Project and Page Design OptionsSet Backgrounds, Fonts and Colors for All Elements, the Project or Each Page
How to Change Project TypeChange the Project Type: Thank You Page, Answer-Based or Score-Based Outcomes
Editing a ProjectHow to Edit Draft and Published Projects
Page Transition SpeedChange the Speed at Which Pages Transition From One to Another
Show or Hide the Page Progress Bar and Page Navigation ButtonsChoose to Show or Hide Page Progress Bar, Page Numbers and Navigation Buttons
How to Collect Personal Information (Names, Email, ...)Use the “Contact Form” Element to Save Personal Data
How to Add Custom Fields to Contact FormsOr Expand the Capacity of the Contact Form Element With the Text Answer Element
Acquire User Consent With the Opt-in Checkbox ElementFor Newsletter Signups, Terms & Conditions or Integration Triggers
CAPTCHA Element to Block RobotsMake Sure Your Participants Are Real Humans With the Google reCAPTCHA or Cloudflare Turnstile Integrations
How to Add a “Skip This Step” Option to a Contact FormUsing the “Skip Required Fields” Feature
How to Randomize AnswersAdd an Element of Randomness to Your Surveys and Quizzes by Randomizing the Answers Order
Embed Videos in Your ProjectsUse YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Spotlightr or Self-Hosted MP4 Videos
Using Logic JumpsLink Specific Answers to Different Pages of Your Project
Using Coupon CodesDistribute coupons codes for your products.
Accept File UploadsLet Users Attach Files to Their Submissions
Using CalculatorsCreate Embeddable Cost and Pricing Calculators for Your Website.
Decrease Default Paddings With the Spacer/Divider ElementYou Can Reduce Default Paddings by Adding a Spacer With Minimal Settings
Schedule Appointments ElementLets Your Participants Book an Appointment Within Your Project.
Using the Net Promoter Score® ElementCreate an NPS® Calculator
Widget Embed ElementThis element lets you embed a webpage or an iframe directly in your project.
How to Display a Loading Animation Before Showing ResultsPlease Wait, Results Are Being Calculated...
Working With the Instant Feedback OptionShow the Correct Answer Together With an Explanation Text to the Participant
How to Show All Outcome ScoresThe Outcome Distribution Can Be Shown Using Points or With Bar Charts as Percentages
How are Scores Calculated?Understanding and using the Score element
Ways to Show Your Participants Feedback on Their AnswersGive Instant Feedback, Show Different Pages or Provide an Overview of All Answers
Social Share and Social LinksUse Social Media Icons to Grow Your Audience and Customize the Way Your Project Looks When Shared Anywhere
Working With Page TimersSet a Time Limit for Your Questions and Forms
Project TimerSet Time Limits for Your Projects
Answer PipingPersonalize Follow-up Texts Using Participant Answers
Collect Payments From Your UsersEasily Receive One-Time Payments or Recurring Payments for a Submission Using Stripe, Mollie or PayPal
Set Your Own 'Thank You' Page Using Custom RedirectsWith Custom Redirects You Can Use Your Own URL Instead of the Thank You Page or Outcome Pages
E-Signature ElementLet Participants Sign Documents Seamlessly Within Your Project
AI Generated Text ElementAdd AI generated text to your projects, tailored to your content and personalized to your participants.
Custom Answer TextShow Custom Feedback to Your Participants Depending on the Answers They Picked
Conditional LogicUse Conditional Logic to Show or Hide Certain Content Elements