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Organize your Projects in Workspaces
Project Status
Does Work Offline?
Project Access is Restricted
Warning message when saving: "Some pages have no link to the next page"
Warning message when saving: "Some answers are not connected to an outcome"
Create - Design and Customize Projects
Editor content elements overview
Project and Page Design Options
How to Change Project Type
Editing a Project
Page Transition Speed
Show or hide the page progress bar and page navigation buttons
How to collect personal information (names, email, ...)
How to Add Custom Fields to Contact Forms
Acquire user consent with the Opt-In Checkbox element
How to add a "Skip this step" option to a Contact Form
How to randomize answers
Embed Videos In Your Projects
Using logic jumps
Using Coupon Codes
Accept file uploads
Using Calculators
Decrease default paddings with the Spacer element
Schedule Appointments Element
Using the Net Promoter Score® element
Widget Embed Element
How to display a loading animation before showing results
Working with the instant feedback option
How to show all outcome scores
How are Scores Calculated?
Ways to show your participants feedback on their answers
Social Share and Social Links
Working with page timers
Project Timer
Answer Piping
Collect payments from your users
Set Your Own 'Thank You' Page Using Custom Redirects